Factors Affecting on Somatic Cells Count in Slovak Simmental Dairy Cows

Jozef Bujko, Juraj Candrák, Július Žitný, Cyril Hrnčár


The aim this work was to analyse factors affecting on the somatic cells count in Slovak Simmental dairy cows. Data were analysed using the SAS version 9.1.3. and linear model with fixed effects of herd, years and months controls, sire and breeding types. The analyses by the effect on somatic cells count was the highest effect of herd-years-months of control R2 = 0.151316 and effect of sire R2 = 0.054182. These effects were high statistical significant P<0.01. Correlation coefficients between milk in kg, fat, protein, lactose in % with somatic cells count were r= -0.25096, r= 0.02593, r= 0.22321and r=-0.39567.


Slovak Simmental cattle, dairy cows, somatic cells count, milk production, coefficients of determination, correlations

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