The Effect of Oregano Essential Oil and Rhus coriaria L. on selected performance parameters of laying hens

Henrieta Arpášová, Miroslava Kačániová, Branislav Gálik, Juraj Čuboň, Martin Mellen


Herbs, spices and their extracts (botanicals) have a wide range of activities. May have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal microflora of animals, performance and quality of animal products. In this experiment the effects of supplementation of the diet for laying hens with oregano essential oil and Rhus coriaria L. seeds addition on body weight, feed consumption and egg production were studied. Hens of laying hybrid Hy-Line Brown (n=30) were randomly divided into 3 groups (n=10) and fed for 20 weeks with diets with oregano essential oil and Rhus coriaria L. supplemented. In the control group hens received feed mixture with no additions. The diets in the first experimental groups was supplemented with 1 ml/kg oregano essential oil. The feed for second experimental groups of birds consisted of basal diet supplemented with seeds of Rhus coriaria L. of the dose at 1% of total feed mixture. Average body weight for the whole period was in the order of the groups 1791.2, 1803.9 and 1843.5 g (P>0.05). In the feed consumption per feeding day, per egg, or in the feed conversion were observed statistically non-significant differences compared to the control group (P>0.05). Number of eggs per hen during the reporting period was in order of the groups: 135.6, 138.5 and 136.9 pieces, at an average intensity of laying 90.4, 92.34 and 91.26%. The results suggest that the body weight, feed consumption, feed conversion, egg production, egg mass and egg weight were not significantly influenced with oregano oil or Rhus coriaria L. addition (P>0.05).


oregano essential oil, Rhus coriaria L., laying hens, body weight, feed consumption, egg production

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