Researches Concerning Body Development of Carpatina Purebreds and Boer Crossed Goats

Gabriel Vicovan


Researches were carried out at the Institute of Research and Development for Sheep and Goat Breeding from Palas - Constanta, situated in Eastern Romania. A comparative study was implemented concerning body development of four adult goat genotypes, as follows: Carpatina purebreds (n=25) and 74 crossbred goats, with different gene inputs from the South African Boer breed, F1 Boer x Carpatina, R1 Boer x (Boer x Carpatina) and R1 Carpatina x (Carpatina x Boer). In order to evaluate the body development of the adult goats from the four genotypes, several body measurements were taken, following aspects such as the animal's height and body length, width and circumference measurements, with the purpose to calculate indices which to define the hindquarter's muscling indexes. Results have shown that between the Carpatina goats and those with 25% input genes from the Boer breed, the differences regarding the body weight and muscling indexes were not significant (p>0.05). F1 Boer x Carpatina crossbreeds had the body width and the hindquarters muscling indexes significantly higher (p≤0.001) in both does and bucks, when compared to Carpatina. R1 goats having 75% input genes from the Boer breed had significantly higher (p≤0.001) body measurements when concerning the hindquarters muscling indexes, compared to Carpatina purebreds. Results suggest that Boer back-crossing the indigenous Carpatina has the potential to increase both quantity and quality of the goat meat production.


body measurements, body weight, Boer, Carpatina, crossbreeding

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