Effect of Extrusion Procedure on Selected Grain Parameters in Contrast Wheat Cultivars

Václav Dvořáček, Vladimír Plachý, Lenka Štěrbová, Eva Matějová, Michal Kaválek, Boris Hučko


In spite of the fact that the majority of registered wheats (Triticum aestivum L.) belonging to cultivars suitable for baking applications, more than 60% of annual Czech wheat production is utilized for feeding. Regarding this fact, a proper extrusion process may offer an improvement of grain feeding quality. The study was aimed at monitoring of grain quality parameter changes in extruded wholemeal from three technologically contrasting cultivars (Elixier, Bodyček, Cimrmanova raná) obtained after 8 different combinations of extrusion processes with variation in water dosage and insertion diameter. Technologically different wheat cultivars significantly changed extrusion temperature. Simultaneously, the extrusion process significantly increased RDS content in starch (from 36 to 86 %). On the contrary, the parameters CP and ADF content showed minimal changes after extrusion. The mild reduction of CF and NDF after extrusion probably included hemicellulose degradation. It is possible to conclude that the applied extrusion processes showed comparable effect in all 3 contrasting wheat cultivars on the one hand. On the other hand, the selection of a proper wheat cultivar with suitable grain composition can also bring a further progress in the final quality of extrudates.


extrusion, wheat grain, cultivars, chemical composition, digestibility

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