The Effect of Stable Microclimate on Milk Production of Dairy Cattle

Anna Šimková, Miloslav Šoch, Kateřina Švejdová, Luboš Zábranský, Tomáš Frejlach, Anna Švarcová, Bohuslav Čermák


In the experiment were detected changes of air temperature and relative humidity inside the free-stall barn. It is affecting the welfare of stabled dairy cows of two different groups according to the stage of lactation during the summer. The effects of microclimate individual parameters in the barn were assessed on the basis of the temperature-humidity index in relation to milk production. From the research, it was found that the animals are housed in suitable microclimate conditions barn were not subject to heat stress without major loss of milk production. The contribution includes information about the values of decrease or increase milk production, depending on the temperature-humidity index. It highlights the importance of determining the temperature-humidity index of stables. Temperature-humidity index can be a useful tool for determining of thermal stress in different sections of the barn. However, it would be appropriate this method of calculating the temperature-humidity index improved and supplemented with the other climatic factors.


dairy cows; microclimate; milk production; temperature-humidity index

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