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Salmo letnica, is one of the most important species of the Lake Ohrid. It is a freshwater fish that lives in cold and rich in oxygen water. Based on its biological and economic importance since 1935 in Macedonia and in Albania since 1995, there have been applied techniques of artificial fertilization and cultivation of S.letnica. Despite adjusting the physical parameters of the water, these fishes show stress in artificial growth environment, which is associated with reduction of their biomass and in many cases even death. There are also private economies to deal with the growth and development of S.letnica for marketing effect. Use of different food regimes has influenced in different amounts of biomass in the same age fish. Through this study we want to show the importance of environmental conditions and nutrition in the growth rates which are reflected in the productivity and the healthy life of this fish.



Key words: biomass, nutrition regime, physical water parameters, Salmo letnica, stress.

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