Effect of Cereal Contaminants on the Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in the Gut of Weanling Piglets

Daniela E Marin, Gina Pistol, Mihai Gras, Mihai Palade, Ionelia Taranu


Cereals and cereals-based products are frequently contaminated with ochratoxin A (OTA) and aristolochic acid (AA). The aim of this study was to compare the effect of OTA and AA on oxidative stress and inflammation in the swine intestine as major organ involved in the absorption of xenobiotics. Fifteen pigs were randomly distributed in 3 groups (control, OTA and AA) and were fed diets contaminated or not with 250 mg toxin/kg for 28 days. When compared with control group, consumption of a OTA and AA contaminated diet significantly increase the concentration of IL-1 beta and IL-8, as major cytokines involved in the inflammatory response. When compared with OTA intoxicated group, AA group has a higher concentration of IL-8 in the intestine. The exposure of piglets to AA significantly decrease the activity of enzymes involved in the oxidative stress response: CAT and GPx as well as the total antioxidant status. The consumption of the diets contaminated with OTA and AA increase in the lipid peroxidation, as showed by TBARS assay. In conclusion, our results have shown that at the intestine level, both OTA and AA induced inflammation and oxidative stress, AA having probably a more important inflammatory effect in the intestine.


ochratoxin A, aristolochic acid, pig, duodenum.

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