Profile of transhumant sheep and goat Greek farmer in Central Greece

Anna Siasiou, Ioannis Mitsopoulos, Costantinos Galanopoulos, Vasiliki Laga


Transhumance is traditional extensive farming system that involves the seasonal migration of animal husbandry between winter and summer rangelands. The purpose of this paper was to study the profile of the Greek transhumant herder and to construct a typology that could be used by the decision makers to improve the strategies used to determine and preserve the system. The required information was obtained from totally 140 Greek transhumant producers of the region of Central Greece. A Principal Component Analysis gave three components related to the “education of the producer”, “the future of the system” and the “type of the herds”. Using multivariate techniques, a farm typology was established with three categories. The first defined as the “younger and more educated”, the second group “the elder traditional producer” and the third group the“more experienced” group. Interestingly the results highlighted the future of transhumant farms being doubtful for a number of farmers originated mainly by the first group, the negative connection of future of the system with the younger, higher education and more innovative producers, emerging the need for protection and preserving its extensive character.


sheep and goat farming sector, transhumance, typology

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Siasiou, A., Galanopoulos, K., Mitsopoulos, I., Ragkos, A. and Laga, V., Transhumant sheep and goat farming sector in Greece. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Sciences, 2018, 8(4): 615-622.


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