Evaluation of productive tract size and position relative to the pelvic cavity as tool to manage fertility in Holstein Friesian cows

Constantin Gavan


We evaluated the cervical and uterine size and the position of reproductive female tract relative to the pelvic cavity as mean to identify lactating Holstein Friesian cows with decreased fertility. Trans-rectal palpation of the genital tract was used to develop a reproductive tract size and position score (SPS). Cows undergoing past calving examination were classified into three SPS groups (SPSG1, SPSG2 AND SPSG3) as having small, medium and large SPS respective cows in SPSG1 had small and compact genital tracts that rested within the pelvic cavity; SPSG2 cows had bigger genital tracts resting partially outside the pelvic cavity; and SPSG3 cows had large genital tracts rested mostly outside the pelvic cavity. We there conducted a trial to test the effect of SPS on fertility in lactating dairy cows. Cows that were SPSG1 had a higher rate of pregnancy per artificial insemination than cows that were in SPSG2 or in SPSG3. The ability to do rectal palpation provides an opportunity to make economically relevant management decision for maximizing fertility in dairy cattle.     



reproductive tract dairy cattle, Holstein Friesian cows, artificial insemination.

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