Evaluation of Milk Components and Somatic Cells Count in breeding herd of the Slovak Spotted Cattle

Jozef Bujko, Juraj Candrák, Peter Strapák, Juliús Žitný, Cyril Hrnčár, Anton Kováčik


The aim this work was to evaluate the milk components and somatic cells in selected herd of dairy cows of Slovak Spotted cattle. The traits included of control samples of milk in kilograms, of fat, proteins, lactose in percentages and somatic cells count as well as the correlation between given traits. By evaluation of milk yields we have find out that the average of control sample of milk production during the examined period in all the 14,160 control samples in 1,024 dairy cows was 20.69±9.69 kgs of milk with a fat content of 3.94±0.68 %, protein 3.48±0.33 % and lactose 4.87±0.21 % and 338.39±846.15 cells/ ml.103. The correlation between the traits of milk production and the somatic cells count, for example milk  in kgs, fat in %, proteins in %, lactose in % and somatic cells count in cells/ ml.103, where these values were r = -0.03679, r = 0.08985, r = 0.08830, r = -0.30855. These coefficients were statistical high significant p <0.0001.


coefficients of correlation, dairy cows, effects impact, milk components, Slovak Spotted cattle, somatic cells count

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