Influence of Various Factors on Traits of Milk Production in selected dairy cows of the Slovak Spotted cattle

Jozef Bujko, Juraj Candrák, Peter Strapák, Július Žitný, Cyril Hrnčár, Rastislav Bernát


The study aimed to examine the analyses a chosen group of the Slovak Spotted dairy cows. Within the group we focused on the problematic of utility pointers evaluation, we analysed the milk production of various breed types, years of birth giving, paternity of the descendants and the order of lactation. Moreover, we assessed the mutual correlation dependence between milk production pointers and weight of various factors on milk, fats, proteins and lactose production. The highest amount of produced milk in kg due to breed type measure was in S0 type. valuating the year of birth giving, the milk production was the highest between the years of 2010-2016 in a herd of dairy cows at farm reaching 8,341 kg of milk. Milk production pointers such as milk production in kg, fats in kg, proteins in kg and lactose in kg are in a mutual correlation relationship that is highly statistically resulted P ≤ 0.001.


coefficient of determination, dairy cows, factors, milk traits, Slovak Spotted cattle

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