The effect of protected fats and conjugated linoleic acid from lactating ewes ration on some bioproductives indices of them and in suckling lambs.

Alexandru Grigorescu, Marius Tataru, Eliza Simiz, Sorin Voia, Lavinia Ştef


In order to satisfy the energy requirements of cows with high milk productions, feeding practices now include the addition of fats in the ration. This can also be used for sheep.The aim of this study was to quantify the effect that the Optima 100 nutritional supplements (protected fats) and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) administered in the ration of mother ewes during lactation had on certain bioproductives parameters in lambs during lactation. For this aim, the experiment was carried out on 60 sheep of Romanian Ţurcana breed during the lamb lactation period. The 60 sheep were randomly divided into 4 groups, which were given a basic ration in order to meet their daily needs according to their physiological condition. The sheep were grouped as follows: the control group (T1) received only the basic ration (BR); In experimental group 2 (T2), the basic ration was supplemented by 12 g/head/day of the Optima 100 product, representing protected fats; In experimental group 3 (T3), BR was supplemented by CLA in an amount of 12 g/head/day; The two nutritional supplements were added to BR, each in an amount of 12 g/head/day, in experimental group 3 (T4). The use of protectedfats as well as the mixture of protected fats and CLA in the feed of the ewes, determines an improvement of the bioproductive indices of the suckling lambs. The reis also an increase in the amount of milk obtained from sheep fed with food in which these supplements were incorporated and an increase in the fat content of milk.


body weight, crude milk fat, CLA, suckling lambs, protected fat, ewes

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