The effect of some pre and probiotics on the valorization of wheat straws, in young sheep fattening

Maria Sauer, Ioan Sauer, Ioan Padeanu, Daniela Valusescu, Ana Gina Armas, Mihaela Florentina Albulescu, Alexandru Constantin Grigorescu, Octavian Sorin Voia


The aim of this experiment was to study the effect of stimulation of ruminal symbionts on the use of wheat straw. Thus, at SCDCOC Caransebes, two groups of Turcana breed young sheep (n=20), with an average body weight of 30 kg, were established, which were maintained in the same environmental conditions. The young sheep from the LC control group and from the LE experimental group were fed with the same granulated ration consisting of a mixture of concentrates (1 kg) and wheat straw (0.45 kg). The factorial difference consisted of the supplementation of the ration, distributed to LE, with a vitamin mineral complex (Zeta complex, 1%) and yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 0.5%). The adaptation period with the new feed was 10 days. After 25 days from the beginning of the experimental period in young sheep from LE group, a significantly higher body weight, p≤0.05, by 1.21 kg compared to LC group was found, on average. The difference increased significantly p≤0.01 at the end of the experiment (after 50 days) by 1.82 kg in the conditions of improved the feed conversion rate by 8.51%. We recommend the use of pre and probiotics in the fattening lamb ration to increase productive performance.


young sheep, feeding, prebiotics, probiotics, fattening

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