Effcts Of Fertilizer Types On Morphological Characterstics, Forage Yield, Seed Yieldand Chemical Composition Of Rhodes Grass At Bahir Dar, Northwestern Ethiopia

Bimrew Asmare, Anteneh Getie, Yeshambel Mekuriaw


The experiment was conducted to determine the effects of fertilizer types on plant characteristics, forage yield, seed yield and chemical composition of Rhodes grass at Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. The experiment was laid in a randomized complete block design(RCBD).The treatments were: -T1, Control group(no fertilizer), T2, Bio-slurry compost: 64 qt/ha, T3, NPS fertilizer: 100kg/ha, T4, Mixing of Bio-slurry with NPS (50%: 50%)with 4 replications giving a total of 16 plots, each measuring4×2=8 m2. Data collected were morphological characteristics such as plant height, number of tillers per plant, leaf length per plant, leaf to stem ratio (LSR), number of leaves per plant, forage dry matter yield and chemical composition analysis of the forage sample at 90 days(50% of blooming stage) except seed yield at three weeks after full flowering stage. Samples of forages were weighed, dried and then ground subsamples taken for analyses of crude protein (CP), ash, dry matter (DM), acid detergent fiber (ADF), neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and acid detergent lignin (ADL). All data were subjected to two wayANOVA procedures of SAS version 9.0. The results showed that the effects of organic and inorganic fertilizer had a significant (p<0.01) effect on all of morphological charactersics were better result with mixing of NPS and bioslurry fertilizer application than other treatments, but a lone of bioslurry and NPS fertilizers also almost similar result but less than in some extent from combined fertrilier treatment. Combining chemical fertilizers with bioslurry gave the highest DM yield (12.63 t/ha) of forage than sole bioslurry (11.8 t/ha) and sole chemical fertilizer (12.03 t/ha). Combined chemical fertilizers with bioslurry gave the highest CP contents (11.25%) of forage than other treatments. Similarly, CP content was not significantly different among sole chemical fertilizer (10.34%) and sole bioslurry (10.23%). In contrast, at control plot obtained lowest result in all morphological parameters. DMY, seed yield and lowest nutritive value with hiher fiber contents.Thereforethe application of combination of bio-slurryand inorganic fertilizer shown the best result in terms of morphological, nutritive value, forage dry matter and seed yield followed by either of fertilizers. Hence, based on the current result, it can be conclude that use of combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer is the best fertilizer as far as Rhodes grass production is concerned in the current study area.

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