Is Forage Chicory a Viable Livestock Feed Option?

Radu Ionel Neamt, Saplacan Gheorghe, Neciu Cristian Florin, Ilie Elena Daniela, Mihali Ciprian Valentin, Mizeranschi Eugeniu Alexandru, Saplacan Ilie Silviu, Cziszter Toma Ludovic, Neamt Radu


The aim of the current study was to test the viability of including chicory in cows’ diet. A total of 2250 data were recorded from 150 Romanian Spotted cows related to 6 forage structures: alfalfa (αα), chicory (C), mixed alfalfa and chicory (αC), mixed gramineous (G), mixed gramineous and alfalfa (Gα), mixed gramineous and chicory (GC). Data aimed total daily duration of forage consumption (TDD), daily round frequency (DRF) and average consumption round (ACR) according to forage structures. The effects of chicory were assessed based on ANOVA protocol with categorical factor “chicory”. Chicory significantly influenced (p≤0.05) TDD and ACR. No significant influence (p>0.05) was recorded related to DRF. Chicory significantly increased TDD and DRF compared to G (294 vs. 190.8 min./day, 12.1 vs. 9.37 rounds/day, p≤0.001), being superior compared to αα (264 min./day, 11.3 rounds/day, p≤0.05). Also, chicory improved the forage consumption in mixed GC compared to Gα (243.6 vs. 224.4 min./day, 10.1 vs. 9.8 rounds/day, p≤0.01). In mixed αC, chicory increased TDD and DRF compared to αα (283.8 vs. 264 min./day, 12.6 vs. 11.3 rounds/day, p≤0.05). In conclusion, the use of chicory in cows’ diet could improve the feeding behavioural traits with economically benefits.


chicory, feeding behavior, Romanian Spotted

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