Seasonal changes in blood parameters in juvenile Cyprinus carpio

Elena Eugenia Mocanu, Floricel Maricel Dima, Viorica Savu, Marcel Daniel Popa


Temporal variations in the biochemical and haematological parameters of blood must be taken into account as it is a useful indicator for assessing the nutritional status, non-specific immunity and health of fish in general.

The aim of this study was to analyse changes in the biochemical and haematological profile of blood in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) depending on the environmental changes characteristic for each season. The lower mean haematocrit, identified in the spring, which correlates with the lower erythrocyte count, implies a more pronounced anaemia in carp after the winter period. The specimens analysed in spring and summer show an increase in the percentage of neutrophils by 60%, compared to the specimens analysed in autumn. Lower values for albumin in spring (0.65±0.22 g/dL) suggest a disruption of protein synthesis function in liver, which is not true for biological material during summer (0.90±0.60 g/dL), and autumn (0.95±0.25 g/dL). CK and CRE values are within normal limits throughout the study period, indicating no injury or muscle atrophy for the analysed specimens. These results suggest that seasonal changes in the environment cause temporary changes in the indicators of the biochemical and haematological profile of the blood of Cyprinus carpio.


Cypinus carpio; Haematological indices; Biochemical indices of blood plasma

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