Analysis of longevity in Romanian Spotted, Simmental type cattle breed

Rodica Stefania Pelmus, Horia Grosu, Mircea Catalin Rotar, Mihail Alexandru Gras, Cristina Lazar


The aim of this study was to estimate the genetic parameters for productive life in Romanian Spotted, Simmental type cattle breed using a survival model. The Weibull proportional hazard model was used in this study. The data of productive life of cattle were obtained from Romanian Breeding Association Romanian Spotted, Simmental type. The data consisted of records of 1064 Romanian Spotted, Simmental cows.

The average productive longevity was 1020.9 days for Romanian Spotted, Simmental type cattle breed. The heritability values for productive longevity in this population was 0.097. The breeding values for productive longevity of cattle ranged from -0.827 to 0.478 months. Longevity is a important trait in breeding program.


productive longevity; survival model; cattle

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