Effect of 2 types of yeast on rumen fermentation in Carpatina crossbred goats – short term study

Ana Elena Cismileanu, Alexandra OANCEA, Catalin DRAGOMIR


This study investigated the effects of introducing brewer’s spent yeast (BSY) and viable yeast (VY) in the concentrate diets of Carpatina crossbred goats (18 months old, after 2-nd lactation, body weight of 34.08 ± 5.97 kg) on feed intake and  rumen fermentation parameters. Three concentrate diets were formulated to contain no yeast (diet C), 3.0% VY (diet D-a) and 1.5% BSY (diet D-i), respectively, in a complete randomized design with eight animals per diet. After feeding for 21-days period, we determined digestibility and nitrogen retention rate. Afterwards, rumen samples were taken on 2 consecutive days and analyzed for volatile fatty acids, pH and ammonia. Digestibility and nitrogen balance were not affected by yeast treatment, as well the rumen pH. The rumen ammonia increased for both yeast diets. The total volatile fatty acids production was increased only for D-a diet, but the relative proportions of these acids were similar between the diets, as well the acetate:propionate ratio.


yeast, rumen volatile fatty acids, goat

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