Influence of Birth type and Sex on the Growth performance of Dorper lambs

Csilla Budai


Nowadays, South-African Dorper sheep is reputed for its outstanding lamb production and adaptability. The Dorper ewe can breed out of season and the lambs are proven to gain well on both pasture and in feedlot as well. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the growth performance of suckling purebred Dorper lambs under Hungarian rearing conditions. Lamb birth weight (BW), body weight at the age of 30 (BWT(30)) and 60 days (BWT(60)) and average daily gain (ADG) was estimated between birth and 30 days and the age of 30 to 60 days. The average birth weight for Dorper lambs was 3.80±0.09 kg and singles were significantly (P<0.001) heavier than twins with an average 4.36±0.10 kg and 3.54±0.11 kg respectively, but sex did not affected birth weight. From the age of 30 days body weight increased till weaning (P<0.05) when male lambs reached an average 20.87±0.74 kg and female lambs 18.85±0.55 kg. Daily weight gain was affected by birth type between the age of 0-30 days. The average weaning weight was 19.87±0.47 kg and singles were 22.36±0.64 kg significantly (P<0.001) heavier than twins 18.27±0.48 kg.


Dorper, growth performance, lamb, sheep, weaning

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